Professor Guofan Jin
Fellow of
China Academy of Engineering

OfficeRoom 3206 , Building 9003, Department of Precision
            instruments, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China








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Guofan Jin graduated from the Mechanical Engineering DepartmentPeking University in 1950. He worked as an assistant, associate professor, and full professor in Tsinghua University till now. From 1985-1990 he served as the Chairman of the Department of Precision Instruments and in 1995-1999 as the Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering in Tsinghua University. From 1991-1995 he was elected to be the vice-president of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. And in 1994 he was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is also very active in social activity, such as, he is the vice-president of the Chinese Instrument Society, the vice-president of the Committee of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education of China, the Honorary President of Beijing Optical Society, the Board Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and was the vice-president of the Chinese Optical Society. In 1999 he was elected as the President of the Asian Pacific Federation of Instrument and Control Societies. His current interests in research are optical computing, binary optics, and optical data storage. He has published three booksComputer Generated Holograms, Binary Opticsand Measurements of Laser Techniques, and more than two hundred papers on different journals. He has been awarded by many National Awards of Science and technology. And in 2000, he has been awarded the Award of Chinese Engineering Science and Technology by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is a Fellow of OSA and SPIE. And, now is vice-president of the International Commission for Optics.